Feminism LOL ~ FWIW Episode 18

December 4, 2016

Diana Davison is a media critic and civil rights advocate focused on feminism and gender issues. She runs a YouTube channel called ‘Feminism LOL’ as well as The Light House Project which is a non-profit organization with the mandate of preserving due process in the Canadian legal system, specifically addressing false accusations of sexual assault. I connected with Diana to discuss her take on the Men’s Rights Movement, rape culture, gender identity, individualism, obviously feminism, and much more.


Links to to Diana’s projects and some of the groups and topics mentioned during our convo:

Feminism LOL: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVRQqUgDRBevsDGOeE1DL3A

The Lighthouse Project: https://www.patreon.com/Diana_Davison

Men’s Rights Movement: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Men's_rights_movement

Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Men_Going_Their_Own_Way

Women’s Legal Education and Action Fund (LEAF): http://www.leaf.ca/

Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN.ORG): https://www.rainn.org

Otherkins: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Otherkin


Recorded on November 18th, 2016

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Abortions for All! What the Hell’s Happening in Poland? ~ FWIW Episode 17

October 18, 2016

According to the media in the West, since being elected in October 2015, the ruling ‘Law and Justice’ party has curtailed democratic freedoms, run the country in an authoritarian fashion, and attempted to move laws in a socially conservative direction by, for example, proposing changes to abortion legislation. So what IS life and politics really like in Poland in 2016? Well, who better to ask than the average Pole! My friend Mike was born there, emigrated to Canada in 1991 at age 7, and returned to live in Poland in 2003. He has his ear to the ground as far as politics are concerned, and, like everyone he has his own take on things, but he’s there experiencing those things first hand and so he’s a great person to give us an account of what is going in the country that has seen so many political changes over the last 100 years and continues to be in the news for its politics.

Links to parties, etc. mentioned in the episode:

Governing Law & Justice Party (referred to in theepisode as “PiS”, pronounced “pees”: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Law_and_Justice

Opposition Civic Platform Party (referred to in the episode as “PO”: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Civic_Platform

2010 Crash which killed Polish President and otherd ignitaries: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2010_Polish_Air_Force_Tu-154_crash

Committee for the Defense of Democracy: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Committee_for_the_Defence_of_Democracy

Abortion in Poland: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abortion_in_Poland

Bomb explosion in Wroclaw in May 2016 mentioned by Mike: http://www.gazetawroclawska.pl/wiadomosci/a/wybuch-bomby-w-centrum-wroclawia-ladunek-byl-w-autobusie-145,10012322/

Recorded on October 8th, 2016

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Nerd Culture: The World of Comic Books & The Upcoming Release of ‘Terminarch’ ~ FWIW Episode 16

June 7, 2016

The comic book industry continues to thrive and attract new readers, flying in the face of some opinions that new and digital forms of entertainment would wipe it out faster than a speeding bullet…so what is it like to bring your idea to life in the form of a comic book? What is it like to promote and distribute it and get it in the hands of readers across the continent and the world? On this episode we will find out all that and more as I host Editor-in-Chief at OSSM Comics, Siike Donnelly, and Jordan Hart, the creator and writer of the upcoming comic ‘Terminarch’; a tale of self-aware androids which have eliminated 95% of the human race to build a Utopian society for the 5% which they revere – artists. However, the logic of their actions was lost on the chosen…

Recorded on May 31st, 2016

Music: Hazardous - Light

Find out more about Terminarch HERE

Green Propaganda: The Ins & Outs of the Forest Industry ~ FWIW Episode 15

May 11, 2016

It’s May 9th, 2016 and while it’s slowing down, the wildfire around Fort McMurray in Alberta, Canada continues to burn. By now, the entire world has heard of the situation and difficult questions are beginning to be asked.

Some of these difficult questions will inevitably turn to forestry, logging, etc: This is where my guest comes in. Marcin Lewandowski is a manager of operations and product development at Ecostrat Inc., a Canadian company which specializes in the supply of wood fiber and biogas feedstock worldwide and the mitigation of biomass supply chain risk. He joined me to discuss forest management including influence exerted by well-funded Environmental Non-Profit Organizations (ENGOs), international certification schemes, the way urbanization has shifted power to people who are no longer in touch with the land, and more. In addition I got his take on the contributing factors to such catastrophic fires as the one in Fort McMurray and what can be done to prevent them.

Recorded on May 9th, 2016

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Layman Watching: On the Ghomeshi Trial, Sexual Assault, and Lawyering ~ FWIW Episode 14

April 22, 2016

Michelle O’Doherty, a criminal defense lawyer at Bayne Sellar Boxall in Ottawa, joins me to discuss the recently concluded sexual assault trial of Jian Ghomeshi; Canada’s most prominent case in years. During our chat we touch on everything from the trial and its outcome to the way his lawyer, Marie Heinen was perceived by some women’s groups, the interview she gave to the CBC after the verdict came down (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1XB5fG7gbZ0), trying sexual assault cases in general, the ‘I believe survivors’ movement, judge vs jury trials, consent in sexual encounters, and more.

Recorded on April 17th, 2016
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Fully Grounded: The Journey and Thoughts of a Gay Catholic ~ FWIW Episode 13

March 23, 2016

To many, "gay" and "Catholic" seem like contradictory terms...after all, The Church's rules for homosexuals are quite different and more stringent than those for heterosexuals. Furthermore, some clergy and leaders in The church preach a very hard line on the matter and finally, the institution tends to represent traditionalism while open homosexuality is a matter of a modern, liberal society. What is it like, then, to be an openly gay man while remaining not just a practicing Catholic, but one who shares his gifts and volunteers in his parish and community? My friend Séan joins me to take me through his journey and discuss how he reconciles these two very important aspects of his identity.

Recorded on March 18th, 2016
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A Pirate’s Tale: Surviving the World’s Biggest Heavy Metal Cruise ~ FWIW Episode 12

March 15, 2016
CORRECTION: I erroneously referred to the cruise as "7,000 Tons of Metal" in the episode. It's actually 10 times better than that: 70,000 Tons of Metal and 70000tons.com. Apologies!

Going on a cruise is the preferred method of vacationing for many people around the world. But, what do you think of when you hear the word 'cruise'? I know I never thought of heavy metal rock music...well, as it turns out, if this genre floats your boat (sorry, I had to), there's an option just for you! A massive 4 day party where 60 bands perform almost around the clock as several thousand attendees from all corners of the world take in the action, mingle, and have a jolly good time. What is that whole experience like? What should one keep in mind if he/she is thinking of attending and boarding this pirate ship? My good friend, Maciej just returned from the 6th successful voyage of '70,000 Tons of Metal' and has lived to tell the tale...which he generously shared with me.  

Recorded on March 9th, 2016. 

Like, Share, Subscribe: The Sociology of YouTube as an Entertainment Hub ~ FWIW Episode 11

February 22, 2016

In its 10 years of existence, YouTube has grown to become much more than the world's biggest online video platform: It is now the number one source of entertainment for many people, especially those 20ish and younger. It has turned the experience of watching television from a solitary one (a small group one, at most) into a connected global community, full of its own rules, celebrities, and loyal fans. To decipher the ins and outs, learn about the biggest stars, hear about what makes the community tick, and more I'm joined by a friend who doesn't even own a TV, such is her devotion to this new media world. Together we discuss how the community operates, YouTube's business model, the future of the medium as its fans + stars age, and much more.

Recorded on February 17th, 2016.

Music: Hazardous - Light

The YouTubers mentioned on the show:
















Shaalini on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Shaalini88


The Big Party: A Wedding Blogger’s Take ~ FWIW Episode 10

February 5, 2016

There's something about weddings... In the multicultural society that we inhabit here in North America they are one of the few life events along with birthdays and funerals that most of us take part in regardless of creed or religious background. It's a topic of much conversation and speculation, especially among women! On this episode I'm joined by Olivia; co-founder of onedaysoon.ca, a wedding blog. As we dissect the big day we dive into the world of etiquette, the way new media is changing the occasion, and much more. I also put questions to her from FWIW listeners which yield some interesting opinions as well as advice on how to handle everything from invites to bridezillas.

Recorded on January 20th, 2016

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Headbanging: A Doctor & Fan on Concussions in Pro Football ~ FWIW Episode 9

January 20, 2016

It would appear American Football has a problem...and it's playing out in the public domain. Medical research is starting to suggest that concussions suffered as a result of playing the game can have severe, even lethal consequences. Players are speaking out too...like ex-NFL Receiver Randle El, who publicly stated that if he could go back in time, he wouldn't choose to play that game on account of his health issues which he connects to his football career. What are we to make of all this? To help shed light on the past, present, and future of this issue, I'm joined by my brother - an anesthesiologist and big NFL (Bucs) fan. Take a listen to his $0.02 on the matter with a special focus on the recent hit film 'Concussion' and its protagonist, Dr. Bennet Omalu and his discovery of chronic traumatic encephalopathy in former NFL players. Oh, and find out who he predicts will win the Super Bowl this year!

Recorded on January 17th, 2016.

Music: Intro: Hazardous - Light

Dr. Jan Padzik on Twitter: @JPadzik