For What It’s Worth

The Big Party: A Wedding Blogger’s Take ~ FWIW Episode 10

February 5, 2016

There's something about weddings... In the multicultural society that we inhabit here in North America they are one of the few life events along with birthdays and funerals that most of us take part in regardless of creed or religious background. It's a topic of much conversation and speculation, especially among women! On this episode I'm joined by Olivia; co-founder of, a wedding blog. As we dissect the big day we dive into the world of etiquette, the way new media is changing the occasion, and much more. I also put questions to her from FWIW listeners which yield some interesting opinions as well as advice on how to handle everything from invites to bridezillas.

Recorded on January 20th, 2016

Music: Intro: Hazardous - Light

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