For What It’s Worth

The Alt-Right Is Real ~ FWIW Episode 21

March 4, 2017

When the opportunity came up to have the discussion you’re about to hear about the Alt Right, I was excited because I anticipated my ideas about the movement to be confirmed – that it was more of a media invention to fit a narrative, and that a clear definition was elusive. I got something completely different, most importantly from Richard, a self-described member of the movement from North Dakota, and Mel, a Canadian ‘ally’, as she put it. Not only was a definition put forward comfortably, but Richard and Mel presented arguments which focused on culture, often the West vs Islam. Daniel, a Canadian, made his return to the podcast as an observer of the movement, given his general interest in politics. Throughout the conversation you’ll hear me trying to return to my starting point of seeing the movement as an invention, while the people who actually consider themselves part of it, correct me and explain how real it is.





Recorded on February 3rd, 2017

Music: Hazardous - Light

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