For What It’s Worth

On Being a Single Mom ~ FWIW Episode 22

March 26, 2017

When we’re young, we often imagine what our lives will look like when we’re older…I’m sure few of us picture the challenges that life has a funny way of throwing at us. A common wrinkle in people’s plans is that of becoming a single parent. Raising children is hard enough with someone else, let alone by yourself…so what is it like? What are the challenges, but more importantly, the lessons, if you should find yourself in this situation? And what about advice for young people, especially girls, to try and avoid the predicament in the first place? To discuss all this and more, I had the pleasure of hosting my long time friend, Natalia on the podcast. Our conversation touched on her own journey as a single mother and much more. 





Recorded on February 9th, 2017

Music: Hazardous - Light

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