For What It’s Worth

Huge Sleeping Giant ~ FWIW Episode 25

June 15, 2017

Soccer in North America is starting to pick up in popularity driven by things like the accessibility of digital media and a 20 year old professional league, the MLS. So how did we get to where we are today and how healthy is the state of the game at present? On this episode I was joined by Rudi Schuller, editor at Sporting News and as well as co-host of SiriusXM’s Canada FC to talk footie. We covered everything from the role of the MLS in the North American sports market, the various other soccer leagues that operate on the continent, compared the state of the game in the U.S. to that in Canada, supporter culture, and more. If you stick around you’ll even find out who Rudi predicts will win the MLS Cup this year. If you like the cut of his jib, check him out on Twitter @RudiSchuller.





Recorded on March 17th, 2017

Music: Hazardous - Light

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