For What It’s Worth

Fast Food Market: Hip Hop & Its Intricacies ~ FWIW Episode 8

December 19, 2015

Growing up in the 90s and 2000s it was quite common for kids of all backgrounds to listen to rap or hip-hop, some taking to the genre to the point of striking out on their own and creating music. That’s how my guest got started: first working with others and now going solo as well as taking part in other aspects of the industry such as ghost writing. His name is Cody and goes by Lotus. He’s put out a lot of music and continues to create new sounds. In addition to his story, you’ll hear his take on the game, whether having his own young family has changed his take on the messages in hip hop, the ever simmering issues of race and gender in the hip hop universe, and more. *NSFW language warning* Hide yo kids...

Lotus' music can be found here:

Recorded on December 9th, 2015. 
Music: Intro: Hazardous - Light 
Lotus - Rodeo Drive
Lotus - Say What's Real

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